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Sana Mi Corazón, Arcoíris Lunar (Heal My Heart, Moonbow)

Introducing a special Spanish-English Bilingual edition of Heal My Heart Moonbow translated by Juan F. León Pinzón, titled Sana Mi Corazón, Arcoíris Lunar.

Available for purchase by email at Books will be priority shipped within the continental US.

$20.00 payable via Venmo and Cashapp to @kalliechevesart

Heal My Heart, Moonbow

Heal My Heart, Moonbow

When a little boy's pet dog died, his heart felt so broken. He missed her so much and wished he could hug her again.

Through his tears he remembers the story of the magical Moonbow, the rainbows that shine at night, and their secret power to heal hearts.

Dream with him as he travels back in time and space to when the Earth was also little and lost their best friend too.

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Available in paperback and ebook formats on 

Heal My Heart, Moonbow  was featured in the Doseum Express Tiny Trains & Trolleys exhibit as it came to life in a fantastical miniature world!

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Available in paperback and ebook formats on 

Until the Bad Germs Leave

In the great big world, bad germs exploded! Bad germs make our air, our hands, and our hugs very scary. Join a young angler fish in learning all the ways we can stay safe from the bad germs!

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